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  • dora. 20. infj.
    a cool cat who wants to be a writer someday!!
    currently studying in seoul. peace out bitches lol
    ~about me~
    my face !!

    i also make mixes and edits!!

    fashion/makeup blog
    animal crossing blog
    travel blog for korea
    (pls be aware that i will not link my korea blog back to anything else because it's also for family)
  • bonvivantx:

    5:42AM — The most beautiful sunrise I have ever woken up to.

    Julia McNeill
    Into the Calm, 2014


    《夏天的蓝色》 by lesliemint


    the main thing i look for in a significant other is the ability to rap the entire danny phantom theme song from memory

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    how the hell do i talk to people

    Stand in front of them and press A

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    the longest night. [listen]
    i’ve been really obsessed with creating a space where i feel physically displaced from my surroundings. like i’m floating away, left with just the quiet in my brain. somewhere between bliss and apathy. for me, it’s helpful to fall asleep to this space, but also sometimes i need to calm myself while i study!!

    01. longest night - alec holowka
    02. background music - baths
    03. sleepywood - maplestory
    04. いい夢見てね - k-on! ost
    05. 11 pm (rain) - animal crossing city folk
    06. liquid spear waltz - michael andrews
    07. 謎5 - professor layton and the last specter
    08. the view from a foggy window, or your head in the clouds with a fever - lullatone
    09. next to you - astronautica
    10. 안녕 - donawhale
    11. a stab of happiness - OFF ost
    12. the race of a thousand ants - OFF ost
    13. autumn breeze with you - k-on! ost
    14. 教授のカバン~人形劇 - professor layton and the last specter
    15. still feeling the waves when you go to bed - lullatone

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    Tbh I’m afraid to go to Portland. I’ve heard bad things about it and everyone who lives there, including its local squirrels and mushrooms, no offense.

    What if I get attacked by a gang of kombucha homebrewers? What if a young tattooed couple hits me with their $1400 baby stroller? What if someone hands me a hempen flyer for a Christian hot yoga meetup? It’s too dangerous.


    *finds writing from five years ago*   haha wow!! fun!!   *sets computer on fire* 

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    From A Series of Unfortunate Events DVD commentary track.

    if you haven’t watched this film with the commentary then you are missing out, it’s hilarious. “Lemony Snicket” was completely unhappy with the film and wanted no real part of it and so in the commentary he just fucks about. Seriously, at one point he gets out an accordion and drowns out the director with his playing

    "nearly all of my life"

    Lemony Snicket sass is what I aspire to in life.

    "Lemony Snicket" (Dan Handler) was asked if he liked the movie.

    He said “I love the movie as much as someone who wrote 8 drafts of a movie before being fired from his own creation could possibly be.”

    The man’s life is sarcasm and it’s beautiful.

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    When people say ‘This is my baby,’ they don’t always mean a baby. Sometimes they mean a dog.
    — A Somali student, on what has surprised her most about the United States. (via africandogontheprairie)